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Being comfortable is one of the most important aspects of being active. Cooler weather demands warmer clothing, while the warm seasons require thin, breathable garments. Perhaps most importantly, clothes need to allow flexibility and a wide range of motion. Boxercraft’s b*sport athletic wear line offers these benefits and more to your customers.

The b*sport line offers a wide variety of clothing options to fit any style in any weather. First up is our zen hoodie. This soft pullover is made from Polyester/Cotton/Rayon tri-blend jersey. It’s perfect for stretching, doing yoga, running or relaxing at home. Thumb holes allow your customers to keep their sleeves in place while they exercise.

There are plenty of clothing options to wear under the hoodie. The crossline full-length tank is a great option for light exercise and is perfect as a layering piece. For the warmer months, we also carry cropped middie tanks. These offer the same fit and support your customers would expect from a sports bra. We also offer a full line of sports bras, which are soft and comfortable while still providing excellent support for light or heavy exercise.

When it comes to shorts, our most popular item is our velocity shorts. These come in a huge array of colors and patterns, from the traditional black and white to funky neons and fun splatter paint patterns. Velocity shorts are made from lightweight polyester that wicks away moisture. For a warmer outfit, our core capris are made from polyester and spandex for a snug fit. These bottoms still offer a wide range of motion. We also carry practice pants and shorts, made from cotton and spandex. These are warmer than our other bottoms, but are still very comfortable.

The items in our b*sport line are easily customizable with screenprint, embroidery, and transfers to make them unique to your shop or to your customers. For more information about wholesale orders, contact us today.

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